Workouts For Men


Avoid this $4,000 Exercise Mistake!

This is it, you have finally made the commitment to go all out and build that home gym and get a gym membership on the side, you know, for those days you want a change of scenery.

But should you be acting so fast to go out and buy this equipment? The average cost for the most common “heavy duty” piece of home gym equipment will run you about $2,000. I’m talking about an elliptical or a solid treadmill.

When your product arrives you light up like a kid on Christmas morning! Everything is planned out and nothing is going to get in your way, this is the year that new, smaller waistline happens. A couple months in you are rocking your new piece of equipment and feeling good. You start to wonder, what if I start to throw in some weights on top of this???

You purchase a home gym with all the bells and whistles for $1,500 with over 100 exercises on it you can do.  But for some reason you find yourself doing the same 6 exercises over and over, your workouts become boring, motivation is lost and that beautiful elliptical and home gym is now a place for you to hang your clothes on.

It’s okay though, you have a backup plan. You head out to the nearest, cheapest gym and purchase a membership for $40 a month, back in the saddle! The first time you walk in with your headphones in bumping eye of the tiger you feel like freaking Godzilla.

The trainer dude walks up to you and says, what are you working out today? You pause and think, ah, just going to do a little bit of this and that. You walk around like a shotgun blast. The pace stays strong for a month with weekly visits then fades away, that membership is just another monthly charge but not a big deal because of the price and you may use it next month, right?

Exercise is like another area that has those that are an authority. When I need my taxes done or another professional service, I have those that are an authority guide me and take care of it. Why? because that is not my area and I’m not going to spend my money and time trying to figure it out.

Treat your exercise the same way! Stop wasting money on pieces of equipment and memberships that you think you may use again someday. Get with a place that has proven to get it done for others, sure it appear to cost more in your eyes compared to other places but you will get a lot more out of it, free up space in your home and never have to think about what you are going to work on for exercise that day. Do your research and go with that place who has proven to be the authority.



Fitness and Weight Loss in Lincoln

Fitness and Weight Loss really do go hand in hand with one another.  Pure Fitness is your fitness and weight loss headquarters.  The main question most have when it comes to fitness and weight loss is where do I start? Pure Fitness is your best answer when looking to start or modify your fitness and weight loss journey. Pure Fitness will take the time with you to help you under the process to a successful weight loss and fitness program.  Every one has different goals, fitness levels, limitation, past injuries; whatever the case my be. This is where it is so vital to make sure you create a solid foundation and plan of attack for your fitness and weight loss adventure.

Lincoln,NE Workouts For Men

Workouts For Men? Pure Fitness has got You covered don’t worry.  Group fitness is not just for the ladies. Group fitness at Pure Fitness are excellent workouts for men also! You may be asking yourself, how can this be? don’t men and women workout completely different? I don’t want to “embarrass” myself in front of the ladies.  Many guys like hitting the weights to gain mass and get bigger but what about those guys that would like to be able to play with their children without getting winded? Being able to go up and down the stairs to get the laundry for the wife or girlfriend? Having more energy throughout the day during work or on days you have off instead of feeling exhausted and drained and just want to lounge around?  Pure Fitness has the workouts for men that will help benefit you fellas.