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Flexibility is the normal extensibility of all soft tissues that allow the full range of motion of a joint. Flexibility will allow us to feel and move better. Today’s society is plagued by postural imbalances, primarily owing to a sedentary lifestyle caused by advancements in technology.  More and more are spending their day hunched over a desk at a computer and requires long periods of sitting. Flexibility training is a key component to helping decrease these dysfunctions.

Strength Training Lincoln NE

Strength Training with Pure Fitness is sure to deliver you the results you desire. Pure Fitness will design an effective Strength Training Program for you. Strength Training is not just for men. Strength Training is highly recommended for females. Women are at a high risk for osteoporosis. The best way to prevent osteoporosis is  weight-bearing activity such as Strength Training. Many women are hesitant when they hear the word Strength Training. Somewhere along the line we all started believing and getting this image that Strength Training will give us nothing but big muscles  if we are  female. Let’s break down this myth. Here is a link for a great book on Strength Training Science and Practice of Strength Training, Second Edition

Butt Workouts Lincoln NE

Butt Workouts seem to be one of the main goals when it comes to fitness. Pure Fitness incorporates many Butt Workouts that will surely help give you that look you have desired.  Just like any other workout, Butt Workouts take dedication and a well-rounded program design that will surely grab the attention of others. Pure Fitness has the knowledge to implement effective Butt Workouts not only in our group training but also in our personal training approach as well. Pure Fitness offers world-class personal training when it comes to your solution for Butt Workouts that will help firm and fill out your jeans the way you like.

How To Lose Weight Fast Lincoln NE

How To Lose Weight Fast is the question we all want an answer to that works. When it comes to How To Lose Weight Fast how fast is to fast and still a safe approach? Pure Fitness provides weight loss in a safe and timely manner. Many of us want a direct answer on How To Lose Weight Fast. Pure Fitness focuses on long-term care instead of a quick fix that usually set’s you up to fall back into your old ways. Many times those who get an answer on How To Lose Weight Fast can take it to the extreme by either starving themselves or becoming obsessed with exercise by spending countless hours on a treadmill or elliptical.

Weight Loss Motivation Lincoln NE

Weight Loss Motivation is given to you everyday at Pure Fitness. Pure Fitness is here to help educate and provide Weight Loss Motivation for you on your fitness journey. Weight Loss Motivation is not something that is provided just when you sign up and lost sight of the next week you come in, like other facilities.  Pure Fitness is a personal service training facility. We cater to your needs and goals that provides Weight Loss Motivation for you. Pure Fitness provides you with world-class personal training in a safe, clean,fun, high energy and effective environment. Pure Fitness will provide you with the safe and proper steps to help provide that Weight Loss Motivation you have been looking for.

Lincoln Ne Yoga

Yoga poses exercise specific ligaments and tendons in one’s body. Some people who have stiffer muscles and ligaments will start to notice more flexibility in their limbs.  Yoga can also help in keeping various diseases and health conditions at bay. Similarly, yoga can aid in forewarning one about the onset of some disorder or disease. Yoga also helps one in developing a sense of awareness about the state of their body which allows them to take the necessary pre-emptive action to correct a possible disorder. Yoga also helps in a complete detoxification process. This is done by stretching gently all the joints and muscles and also by massaging the person’s various organs.

Yoga Lincoln NE

Yoga is coming soon to Pure Fitness!  Pure Fitness will offer a type of yoga known as Vinyasa.  Vinyasa typically transitions from one pose to another.  Vinyasa is great for beginners and those looking for a yoga class that does not incorporate all the strength based movements.