Box Jumps

Box Jumps are great for explosive power and strength. Doing them correct will help save your joints in the process.

Key points on a box jump.

  1. The more quite the landing the more is absorb by the muscles and not the joints.
  2. Control the landing.
  3. Get both heels fully on the box when you land.
  4. Step down instead of jumping down. Jumping down creates unnecessary impact.

Picture yourself landing like a butterfly with sore feet. Jumping hurdles is far down the road when you begin plyometric training.


Workout Routines Lincoln NE

Solid Workout Routines will be a huge key to having success with your fitness regimen.  We have your key to success at Pure Fitness.  Your Workout Routines are our responsibility which leaves you with nothing to worry about, all you have to do is show up and put the work in within a small group environment with knowledgeable personal trainers.  Having bad program design and sloppy Workout Routines lead to frustration, over training, severe soreness and just leave a bad taste in your mouth, possibly from getting sick because the Workout Routines were not designed for your current fitness level.

Lincoln,NE Personal Trainer

Working with a personal trainer one-on-one can help you achieve your health and  fitness goals faster!  A personal trainer can help develop a customized training program tailored to your needs and goals.  By having a personal trainer in your corner you work as a team to zone in on specific goals to target and can put more emphasis on certain areas if you want to give them a little more attention such as your backside or arms.  Having a knowledgeable personal trainer that is confident in their abilities to get you the best results in a safe and checklist manner is crucial.  Working with a personal trainer allows you to get to know each other better also which can make you feel more comfortable in your surroundings that at one time or another has made you feel intimidated or uncomfortable.