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I wanted to throw a couple of techniques your way that may help alleviate of stiffness, headaches and tightness in your neck and upper back. Not much of your time is required to receive the benefits from these 2 techniques combined. First you will do your foam rolling then your static stretching afterwards.


Upper Back Self-Myofascial Release.

foam rolling


1. Place hands behind head to support your neck.

2. Relax hips on the floor.

3. Stabilize the head in a neutral position.


4. Start with the roller up high(not on the neck) and work your way down just before the mid-back.

5. If a tender point is located, stop rolling, and rest on the tender point for 30 seconds.


static stretch


1. Place One hand behind the back.

2. With the opposite hand, place it on the side of the head.


3. Lightly pull the head to the same side of the arm that is up.

4. When you feel the first light pull, stop and hold.

5. Moving your eyes to look into the armpit of the same side will give more tension.

6. Hold the tension and stretch for a minimum of 20 seconds per side.


Give these 2 techniques a try 1-2 times per day spaced out over the day.

-Mike Miller.

BootCamp Lincoln,NE

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Fitness Boot Camp Lincoln NE

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Boot Camp Lincoln NE

The best Boot Camp in Lincoln can be found at Pure Fitness.  Here at Pure Fitness we are not a big box gym.  Boot Camp is designed in a small group setting to help provide a better service to you.  The majority of our classes do have a cap amount on them to make sure you get the best training for your time and money.