Sprained Ankle

Sprained Ankle

Have you ever had a sprained ankle or several incidents that have caused one? Signs of an ankle impairment can lead to injuries such as Plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendon or shin splints.  Other areas that an injury may occur due to a foot and ankle impairment is low back pain, the knee, hip flexor area , hamstring, quad and groin strains.


Sprained Ankle. Why Me?

More times than not when someone has pain in any of these areas or gets a sprained ankle they take time off and think, well it happened again. It does not have to be that way when it comes to pain and a sprained ankle. There is a reason why you get a sprained ankle or several of them during your life time.


More than likely compensations have been taking place for quite some time before a sprained ankle takes places. Having someone you can reach out to that has your best interest , is experienced and has the right knowledge will be beneficial.  Have you ever noticed that when you get a sprained ankle it can be from the simplest of activities? The body will only compensate for so long until something finally gives.


Sprained Ankle and Surgery.

Surgery should always be the last resort when pain arises. We live in a society of fast paced, quick fixes and instant gratifications. Have you ever talked with someone who had a surgery and ask them how that area feels a couple of years after the time they had it done? More times than not the response will be that the pain is about the same as before or, it’s maybe  slightly better and can be tolerable. Surgery is not an instant fix where everything is brand new with no pain ever again.

Sprained Ankle Solutions.

I always suggest a corrective exercise program  when I see those with pain in any of the areas listed above or other areas.  You do not have to live in pain. Before jumping the gun, going to several referrals from Doctor’s and then eventually surgery; get with me for a consultation about corrective exercise first.


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