Smart Goals

Smart Goals

How may times have you set a goal for yourself and came up short? We have good intentions when we think of and set a specific goal. Have you ever set a goal and reached it by following through with action? What did it feel like to accomplish that goal? Fitness is just like any other type of goal that we set for ourselves, you have to follow through and stay on track no matter how many obstacles are thrown your way and create smart goals.


Smart Goals.

  • Goals that are specific results in better performance.
  • If the goal is challenging it tends to get accomplish instead of one that is modest.
  • Goals that can be measured will let you know if the strategy is working.
  • Short-term goals raise sense of confidence and determination.

Belief is one of the most powerful predictors of change and success.


Smart Goals and Belief.

We all have times of fear, uncertainty and doubt but how we get through that is what is important and will help you reach your goals.

  • Persist vigorously when you are faced with obstacles and view setbacks as a source of motivation.
  • React better to difficult circumstances, including a bad at the gym, stress from work, career setbacks, family issues, and illness.
  • Use more effective coping habits such as working out, going for a walk, humor and being around those that support you. Your Pure Fitness family is always here for you.

Approach smart goals with baby steps, just like Bill Murray in What About Bob. It was all about taking baby steps, baby steps, baby steps.


Smart Goals and Visualization.

I can not tell you how important this one here is. If you picture yourself achieving a goal it becomes more reality as you work day in and day out towards your goal. I have found this one to be especially useful and important in working out. Before doing a certain exercise take a moment and visualize yourself doing the exercise well. Picture yourself completing that exercise for the desired time or amount of reps. Visualize using proper technique and form , having a mental block can hamper the performance of many, I have seen it time and time again. Create smart goals for yourself and visualize them being accomplished.


Smart Goals and Setbacks.

Have a plan for when setbacks arise. Setbacks are going to happen, no one have achieved anything overnight that was worth achieving. Having one or a few slips does not mean you are a failure, that you have no will power or that you are hopeless. Find someone you can reach out to when you have a setback that you can talk with about it. Carry around a reminder card of your goal that you have set. Smart Goals need to have laid out plans.


Smart Goals and Success.

Successful people succeed by working hard and rebounding from setbacks. Persistence is key to accomplishing your fitness goals.  Join us at Pure Fitness to set yourself some smart goals and have those that want to see you succeed in your corner.


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