Personal Training

In this, Mike's flagship training model, clients are thoroughly evaluated to start. These one-on-one training session take place during quieter hours at the facility, so they’re a good option for those who have “gym-timadation”. Additionally, they may be a better fit for those who need to exercise during at time when Pure Fitness may not be open during regular hours. This will allow you to maximize your training experience with individualized coaching and programming, with a program tailored to your specific goals and needs. Mike has the experience working with a wide range of clientele ranging from fat loss to injury rehabilitation to sports performance. No matter the goal, Mike will build a program that is tailored to fit the client’s needs while also providing coaching and support to help attain those goals.

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Strength Camps

Pure Fitness Adult Strength Camps involve structured group training in a high-energy environment. Adult Strength Camps are designed to help you move better and feel healthier than ever before. Each program is modified for your training level. Our program and our community will motivate and encourage you. At Pure Fitness, Mike designs and coach's a well-rounded programs to ensure health and longevity for adult clients and athletes alike. Programs are led from start to finish by Mike who will show and tell you how to correctly execute your workout. We’re looking forward to helping you on your journey!

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Nutrition Consultations

Sit down and discuss your current nutritional habits. Mike will help you identify the steps you can take to help you improve you nutritional intake and work towards sustainable change.

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