Recommended Water Intake

What is the recommended water intake on average for an individual? We should be consuming approximately 96 ounces of water per day. If you think about this amount, it really is not that much spaced out through an entire day. With warmer weather approaching it is going to be vital that you stay hydrated and get the recommended water intake.

Overhead Press

Get the most out of your overhead press without wrecking your back.

The overhead press is great for not only strength but also building mass. The overhead press is like any other exercise that can very beneficial or if done incorrectly can cause a problem. I like to use a narrow, false grip with the overhead press.

Overhead Press Compensations.

The main compensations you will see in the overhead press is spinal extension and the head protruding forward.

Exercise And Diet

Is exercise more important than diet? If so, what percent is exercise and what percent is diet?

This a question that many have asked and I think get different answers depending on who you ask. If I do not pay much attention to my diet can I still workout for an extra hour and make up for that? If diet is the key why do I have to exercise?

BootCamp Lincoln,NE

Pure Fitness has the Bootcamp for You.  If you are a beginner we got you covered, if you are intermediate we got you covered also. Looking for a bootcamp a little more advanced? We got you covered on this bootcamp selection also.  No matter the fitness level, age or gender, Pure Fitness has a bootcamp that will get you on the right path for your fitness journey with great success that will always leave you room to advance to a higher level bootcamp.  Do not let the fear or intimidation of the word bootcamp make you turn a shoulder, especially when it comes to the different bootcamp selections at Pure Fitness.

Upper Body Workout Lincoln NE

Upper Body Workout Lincoln NE. What do you do for your upper body workout? Chest and Biceps? To often do you see others only doing an upper body workout. An upper body workout should consist of more than 2 major muscle groups. Pure Fitness delivers a complete upper body workout. What makes an effective upper body workout? Pure Fitness takes all of the guess-work out for you when you train with Pure Fitness.

Workouts Lincoln NE

Workouts Lincoln NE.  Are you getting the most out of your Workouts either at home or at the gym? What type of Workouts are right for you and effective? Have you ever felt like you were in a rut with your Workouts? Do you feel frustrated from your Workouts because you feel that all the hard work you put in should give you more in return? Are you ready or maybe you have already thrown in  towel with your Workouts?

Lincoln NE Fitness

Lincoln,NE Fitness. Pure Fitness located at 6036 Havelock Avenue can be called Lincoln,NE best kept secret when it comes to Fitness. Pure Fitness is changing that though, we want you to be able to receive the best personal and small group training available in Lincoln,NE and surrounding areas. Pure Fitness now offers Bring A Friend Day. On every Monday and Saturday of the week you have the opportunity to come to Pure Fitness with a friend and workout in our small group training’s for free. Come experience the difference and see for yourself why others love our Pure Fitness team. When mentioning the word team, we are referring to our members at Pure Fitness. Our team at Pure Fitness makes you feel welcome. Have you ever gone to a place for Fitness and just didn’t feel like they really cared if you were there or not?  Fitness should be something you enjoy and look forward to instead of being a chore.

Strength Training Lincoln NE

Strength Training with Pure Fitness is sure to deliver you the results you desire. Pure Fitness will design an effective Strength Training Program for you. Strength Training is not just for men. Strength Training is highly recommended for females. Women are at a high risk for osteoporosis. The best way to prevent osteoporosis is  weight-bearing activity such as Strength Training. Many women are hesitant when they hear the word Strength Training. Somewhere along the line we all started believing and getting this image that Strength Training will give us nothing but big muscles  if we are  female. Let’s break down this myth. Here is a link for a great book on Strength Training Science and Practice of Strength Training, Second Edition

Fitness Boot Camp Lincoln NE

Pure Fitness offers the most effective Fitness Boot Camp in Lincoln NE. When looking for a Fitness Boot Camp what are some of the things you look for? Lets look at some questions you can answer yourself when it comes to looking for a Fitness Boot Camp in Lincoln NE and surrounding areas.